About Bakoena African Hope Empire

Hey I am Ruth Makhele a founder of Bakoena African Hope Empire. We offer services such as Modelling,acting & music. We are a non profit company focusing on compliance towards community safety,health and protection in the work place, based on community growth and activating youth talents.

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Business Proposal

We offer a training,Development and provide accessible multidisciplinary services.

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We invite fashion designer's to advertise products or designs, we offer 20 models to showcase your products.

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Bakoena African Hope Empire, a company that believes in empowering young people through art and culture. As you are aware, Freedom Day in South Africa is an annually celebrated holiday on April 27th, commemorating the end of apartheid. This year, Bakoena African Hope Empire plans to host a special event to honor the occasion and raise awareness about the importance of art and culture in building a stronger, safer, and more united community.



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Membership Plan

We offer membership Annual plan


We offer a marketing platform where we invite all the designer in our events to advertise their product or designs.

R1000 p/m

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Phone number: +27 78 043 2426

Email Address: baheempire@gmail.com